Tax planning helps you reach your personal goals and build significant savings by following an action plan. Our specialists design customized strategies that include:

  • In-depth analyses of your professional and personal situation
  • Personalized recommendations linked to your investment management, asset protection, intergenerational transfer and philanthropic goals
  • Follow-ups and regular adjustments

If you're already doing business with a tax expert, our specialists can look over your tax strategy to ensure you are benefiting from the best solution.


If you've worked hard building and growing a business, you should be proud. Are you at the point where it's time to start thinking about passing the torch to a family member, an employee or an interested outside buyer? If you are, you should get the support your business deserves as you navigate the steps of an important transition. That might include an income forecast to give you an idea about what your life will look like in retirement. Or financial advice to help you maximize your wealth and manage it effectively by finding the right solutions for you and your business. That's exactly what our specialists excel at.

Or maybe you're on the other side as a buyer. No successful business deal goes through without serious preparation, the right expertise from the right partners and a hard look at financing. Our specialists understand both sides of business deals and can walk you through the steps of your acquisition.

No matter what side of the table you're on, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Proper planning and the right support are essential for a smooth transition to the next phase of your life, whatever it might be. No matter what sector you're in—or want to be in—our business transfer specialists can provide the right guidance throughout the process. They can give you sound advice, the answers you want, and the professional relationships you need.

We've thought of everything. Let us help you draw up a transfer plan that meets your needs and reflects your goals. - External link. This link will open in a new window.


Your family is central to our priorities. That's why it's so important to us that we properly prepare your succession. Organizing the transfer of your estate for future generations is a vital element in helping you achieve peace of mind. Our specialists will analyze your situation as a whole and propose an estate and trust plan that addresses your concerns and goals. To ensure continuous alignment with your needs, we see that your plan is adjusted at every important stage in your life.

Our team of trust managers has the knowledge and legal competencies required to ensure a lasting legacy and a harmonious and stress-free transfer of your assets.

Whatever happens, your beneficiaries will be protected at all times.


Since 1994, our portfolio manager, Desjardins Investment Management Inc., has been handling diversified mandates.

Desjardins Private Wealth Management works with re-nowned specialists around the world to manage its Canadian, American, international and emerging market portfolios. This "manager management" approach is a key advantage that most other asset managers cannot offer.

Furthermore, our portfolio managers have extensive experience in all kinds of asset classes, market sectors and investment styles. Every day, they seek the best solutions to meet your personal objectives while taking into account your investor profile and priorities, creating the optimal balance with our global mandates.

Philanthropy building a better world

Interested in contributing to the betterment of society in your own way? We have a smart solution to support the cause that matters most to you.

Desjardins Philanthropic Funds

The Desjardins Foundation can help you set up a personalized philanthropic fund that will make a real lasting difference. A financial, tax and estate analysis will help us determine the best way to make your project a reality now or in the future.

Many types of assets can be used to start up your fund or increase its capital.

  • Cash donations
  • Bequests (gift in your Will)
  • Securities and mutual funds
  • Life insurance policies

Many advantages

  • Available starting at $25,000
  • Guidance and philanthropic expertise by the Desjardins Foundation
  • Annual financial assistance distributed to your beneficiary organizations
  • Funds maintained over the long term or for a fixed duration of between 10 and 25 years
  • Ability to set up a sustainable collective project

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Enjoy our private banking services, exclusively for our Desjardins Private Wealth Management clients.[ 1 ] note

Your private banker[ 2 ] note will be fully committed to you and your family and take care of all your daily banking needs. They'll help you save time by suggesting financing strategies and personalized banking solutions.

Financing: a strategic tool to help you grow your wealth

As financing structure experts, our private bankers will provide solutions adapted to your credit needs, no matter how complex. Their job is to set up the best credit solutions to preserve and grow your wealth and seize business opportunities as they arise.They can:

  • Analyze your financial statements and cash flow
  • Identify personalized financing strategies
  • Suggest funding models for your trust or holding company
  • Develop an investment financing structure

Banking services: day-to-day management made easy

Your private banker can give you access to a range of exclusive accounts and banking solutions to help make your day-to-day banking easier.

  • Banking solutions for your personal needs, wealth management firms and trusts.
  • Desjardins Bank US dollar accounts
  • Support for transatlantic services
  • The Odyssey® Visa Infinite Privilege credit card*, and the included concierge service [ 3 ] note
  • Services available 24/7 on our digital platforms

For more information on our private banking services, contact your private wealth manager.


Financial planning gives you a complete overview of your finances so you can make the right retirement planning decisions, reduce your taxes and protect your wealth. Choose a comprehensive or partial planning.

Comprehensive planning includes a detailed and expert analysis of your wealth management and a personalized plan that with strategies designed for you:

  • Legal aspects
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Finances
  • Taxes
  • Investments
  • Retirement
  • Estate planning

Partial planning is done after your wealth changes significantly and focusses on one aspect of your comprehensive plan so it's always up-to-date, no matter what happens in your life:

  • Retirement
  • Incorporation
  • Birth
  • Union, separation, divorce
  • Death


You have significant assets and sophisticated needs. You need innovative solutions to preserve, protect and pass on your assets to ensure a lasting legacy.

Insurance products help you plan ahead by mitigating risks and providing a flexible and personalized solution. You get:

  • Life insurance coverage offering tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Premium coverage for your properties and assets (jewellery, boats, artwork, luxury cars)
  • A dedicated team of financial security specialists and property and casualty insurance experts to answer your questions

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Our experienced specialists and multidisciplinary expertise can offer you solutions adapted to your situation, no matter how complex.

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  1. Private financial services are for Desjardins Wealth Management members and clients as well as their children living at the same address. Some conditions apply. Back to note reference [ 1 ]
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